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Anonymous Asked: If you had to pick one Tumblr idol (someone you look up to) and one Tumblr crush, who would they be?


Oh boy, there are tons inspiring guys out there on this website! It would probably be surge-to-new-levels, that dude is my size and puts up huge numbers and is smart as hell. 

And I can’t pick just one tumblr crush. There are too many beautiful women on here. gainsforgotham, thaihaha, quads-and-dogs and fightoncarryon are all fantastic ladies.

Thanks man

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The amount of people who freakout when you tell them you only lift/train 3-4 days a week is crazy.

Just goes to show you how many people think you have to work at high-intensity 5-6 days a week regardless of goals/training style. 

I only do 3 days. With strength less is more

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Leave your excuses at the door.

Muscle and Brawn, the strongest forum on the Internet. Join us =>

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Getting close to that time of meet prep where I’m pushing my body to its limits. Gotta take care of it. Eat, drink and sleep well to recover

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The Myth of Perfect Form


Food for thought. 

There are guidelines and rules of thumb but yes yes and yes. Agreed

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There are people who tell you to be proud of your numbers, that you are strong even though it’s not record breaking numbers because you work hard for it…

And then there are people who tell you to shut the fuck up because you’re being egotistical and think you’re a special…

It’s all a journey, a beautiful one at that

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Oly Shoes for Powerlifting




I have a little extra money at the moment, and I think its time to invest in some Oly shoes

I’ve been squatting in my chucks with a 5lb plate under each heel, and its been working but its certainly not ideal.

So, I’ve been looking at the Adidas Adipower ($139), the Nike Romaleos (2013 version…

I love my Romaleo 2.0’s. They’re solid shoesade with great quality. Heel raise is 3/4 inch. I’m sure the Adipowers are great too. I would stick with one of them and stray away from other brands. Both the Adipowers and Romaleos have a great reputation in the powerlifting and weightlifting communities.

I think Im gonna go with the Romaleo 2.0’s. Especially for $129 for 2013 models, the other difference is nearly insignificant cosmetic changes compared to the 2014’s, which are $189.

Romaleos are nice, I have a pair but never wear since I got the power shoes

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