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Did you know that most people succeed at something not because it is their passion, but because they’ve cultivated some skill over time and have developed some level of mastery?

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I like my training style and wouldn’t really change it - quiet, mostly alone, drug free, planned, etc.  But I do wonder sometimes what it would be like to train with a group of strong guys screaming at you, hyped up, just going for broke, and with the (very real) psychological and physical effects of drugs (or some of the above).  Seems almost like a different world.

Training with a group can take you to the next level for sure

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How to Stay Small and Weak


  1. Buy the newest, latest, greatest supplement
  2. Follow insanely high volume training programs, training multiple days a week
  3. Eat like a pre-contest bodybuilder year round.
  4. obsess over always needing to see your abs.
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Sorry for the flood today but we pretty much all hit big squat PR’s. Great weekend to be on the team

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