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I absolutely can’t stand people that talk shit on the internet. I would bet that this dumb ass has never even had 515 on his back, let alone for reps and he wants to talk shit about my squat. I mean I’m not an elite 275 lb powerlifter that’s nationally ranked in the 308 class and soon to ranked in the 275 class once they rankings are updated. What would I know about squatting? I only squatted 639 in competition 9 days ago.

It’s okay. I’m sure according to someone out there on the internet I don’t know how to squat either.

In fact, I’m not sure I know how to walk properly. I’ve been meaning to find a book on the internet to be help me with that.

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Also you know you are stressing with lots of work when you forget to eat. Shoving in 1,000 calories of food tonight.

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First Day - Launch Date

Business is tough. Ended today with one policy only (thank you pbnjefe) though we had higher expectations than that. Not only that but chances are that I have to let go of a team member that I hired for potential lack in ethics.

Nevertheless I remain optimistic. Tomorrow we have something lined up and we should put something up well. Biggest obstacle is just getting people to open their minds and getting in front of more people.

Anyways a year ago I never thought I’d squat over 500 but here I am doing it so everything is possible with enough execution and hard work.

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Tomorrow is the official start up date of my agency with State Farm. I’m starting from scratch like any other agency would but with the guidance of a mentor who has been more than helpful in ensuring my success.

I want to give a special thank you to my girlfriend for helping me get this position and supporting me through.

Like the day I first stepped into a gym, I was a bit nervous but I knew that with enough hard work I could build something great. This is just the same.

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Meanwhile no one is worried about me, I’m doing my own fucking thing and getting stronger each week when no one is looking. #powerlifting

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Ordered my “Gangsta Wraps” this weekend. Excited to try them out bench night even if I’m going light. #howmuchyabench

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#Powerlifters from the internet at the Barbell Compound in Chicago!

omg look at these cute powerrrrrlifters

In some way or another I’ve met all these people through the wonderful sport of powerlifting even though I didn’t meet them all at the same place. So awesome

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Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth.

" Then you’ll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself."

Remember this from the Matrix? Well what if I told you the weight on a bar didn’t exist and it was up to you only to put it up.

No real life is not the matrix (or maybe it is) but I can’t tell you how many times we fail because we get shared by the weight on the bar.

Recently I stopped thinking about that and only about the reps I’ve planned to hit and how I’ve built up to it. Not the weight because if I’ve planned accordingly, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Try it out yourself. You shouldn’t be missing 135x2 when you’ve hit 145x1 for example. It’s there, just stop seeing the number.

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