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505x3 Squat PR. Video tomorrow

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Sergio Luna

I’ve been posting my process on Youtube for a good year and a half now. It’s finally kicking off with close to 150 subscribers, 20,000+ views, and 200+ videos. Thanks for all the support everyone.

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Anonymous Asked: Do you have any suggestions on getting started in unfortunate circumstances? Im overweight and incredibly weak, there aren't any gyms with much support in powerlifting near me, nor are there trainers nearby. I go to an LA fitness by myself and generally experience intimidation getting in there and working out around others. I feel unmotivated and out of options to get going in the sport.

The best way to answer this might be with my own personal story. While not overweight, I was terribly underweight when I first started.

Like you I felt intimidated going into the gym  because everyone else was much bigger and stronger than me. Add to the fact that friends mocked me for even trying to pursue my goals.

Nevertheless the biggest thing that helped me overcome that adversity was using that doubt others had in me to fuel my fire to succeed. Instead of taking seeing the fact that I was weak and skinny, I saw the opportunity to be big and strong.

I also recall thinking to myself, if others can do it then why can’t I do it? That rings more true nowadays as I train with some of the greatest in the sport and see that they’re not all that different. There’s no magic switch that makes someone good or bad; we all have the same potential.

That being said I spent 5/7 years at regular commercial gyms without much guidance from anyone who was truly in the sport of powerlifting. It’s possible. Just learn as much possible on your own and you’ll find slowly that by being consistent you will meet others much like you who can help on your journey.

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i need a sponsorship. end of story.

PS  also, do you want me to film some parts of training?

I could use one as well

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