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+1 for elbows

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You know you are a powerlifter when you religiously review your training footage throughout the day

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sophrosyneandlift I know it sucks. Just like a boxer wants to headline a card to know they’ve made it, or a football athlete wants their name up on TV to feel successful; I think we powerlifters are entitled to some recognition for the things we do too. Hell even bodybuilders get more attention and that’s still a niche sport.

It is what it is though. Just got to be patient. #TeamNobody

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I may not have a large following and be able to generate a ton of views.

I may not have a sponsor and get my supplements for free.

I may not have a world record to my name.


I’ll keep pushing. I know I shouldn’t care too much about others but in all honesty it does make a difference when you are trying to solidify yourself as a legitimate competitor on the circuit.

Beyond personal gratification, it’s a different type of reward that is also a legitimate sign of success.

I mean who cares if you are the best lifter in the world if no one has ever heard of their name? Just like any other athlete, you want your name out there.

That’s why it can sometimes be upsetting when “Blog A” posts a 135 squat and gets a ton of views but a 530 squat from my blog gets only a few glances.

Nevertheless, I’ll still keep pushing. Most importantly for myself but to also put my name out there as a worthy 165 powerlifter. To get my sponsorship. To break a world record.

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gandalfismagneto Asked: I'm planning in entering my first meet next year and want to start supplementing with some grip work now as I currently use wraps on my heavier deadlift sets. As I would be using an alternating grip at the meet should I be using the same grip for when I do heavy static holds? Or would it be best to use a double overhand grip?

gandalfismagneto I would do the same grip! If you want to do double overhand grip you may want to incorporate it into your warm ups or even days were you (or if) you go lighter in your pulls.

I’m glad you are proactively making an effort to move away from straps for you first meet though. Funny story but I probably would have started powerlifting sooner had I had the same initiative. 

I remember coming in to the University of Illinois as a freshman and finding out they had a powerlifting club. Interested I went to the first meeting only to find out I couldn’t deadlift with straps. The deadlift had always been naturally my strongest lift so by default I went NOPE and never thought about it again.

Had I just dealt with it I would have started much earlier and maybe I’d be one stop closer to strong!

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Jeremy Hamilton, 765lb/346kg deadlift.

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Tip: Don’t spend all your free time thinking about lifting. While it’s important, life balance is just as equally important. Crying over spilled milk won’t make it any better anyway

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Teammate Tom Kallas of the 165 class squatted 600 today walked out without wraps today. Insane. He already has the wrapped record at 677, the without record is 617

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