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Comic #5
Thx Bro. 

So this one comes from a personal story. I was minding my own business and finishing my warm ups in the rack. A wonderfully polite and upstanding gentlemen comes up to me. He had been “deadlifting” with his girlfriend or someone he was trying to impress. Idk. 

Anyway he comes up to me and tells me my stance is too wide, my bar is too low, and the weight looked: “too heavy for me.” The whole time he was speaking I was just correcting his deadlift in my head. (I’ll never harp on someones weight but when you come up to me and correct my warm-up when you’re deadlifting 135 for triples I’m not going to take you seriously, bro). I nodded and thanked him and he went to the Smith machine, loaded up two 25s on each side and quarter squatted a few reps. He then looks over at me and gives me that “that’s how you do it look” as I’m putting on plate 3. I ended up working up to 410 that day and it took a lot of energy to not shoot him a look back. 

The point of this is if you see someone who is lifting way, way more than you, don’t tell them it’s too heavy. I know guys who don’t look like they can Deadlift 455 but they can pull 455 pretty easy. I know some smaller female lifters who are under 130 squatting almost 315. I saw a girl who was 132 Deadlift 355 in comp. Many people have this preconceived notion that if you don’t look like you can lift it, you won’t be able too. I know this holds very true to some of the female powerlifters. So, unless that person is near a dangerous level of error, don’t walk up to a 500lbs deadlifter and tell them they are wrong when you’re only doing 135. If someone is hitting 400 and 500 and 600 they are probably doing something right and/or what works for them. 

This also is about form. Everyone is going to have a different form. Powerlifting looks to move maximum amount of weight, I squat a bit wider. It shortens the bar path for me and still allows me to hit depth. Someone who is Weightlifting (oly lifters) is going to squat more technically and with a different stance because it helps transfer aspects to their other lifts. 

So don’t be a butthead. Again, unless that person is very wrong. Ain’t no one likes a quarter squatter. Just be polite and ASK if you can give someone tips, don’t just barge into their space mid-set.

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So… Mark Bell is now selling..

Slinglets! Derek and the Lilliebridges have some and I’ve always thought they were bad ass. Would love to own one!

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