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As promised here is round one of what I talked about yesterday.

Some basics about my pull. My best ever dead was a 630 pull last year. This is my second attempt 575 from this past weekend. I tend to pull high hips with a rounded upper back as you can see in the picture.

Pros: I have tremendous speed off of the floor. As I take my breath before I pull I try and drive my head back or “pack” my neck. I don’t over-extend and look straight up as this throws my transition off.

Cons: I tend to let my chest fall forward. My shoulders and chest being as big as they are, can make it a bitch to transition to lock out. While my hips come through fine I have to fight not only the bar at lockout but also my shoulders and chest. On max attempts this becomes abundantly clear.

Things I need to work on: If I’m going to continue to deadlift this way I have to work on my glute strength. I need as much force as possible to make the transition to lockout easier. I also need to work on not letting my chest fall too far forward in front of the bar. I’d prefer it stay in line over top of the bar. I also need to keep hammering my upper back and lats. Another way that it will help pull my shoulders and chest back to lock out my deads.

So, I’m sort of pressed for time again. I’ll cut this one short now. If any of you have any questions I’ll gladly answer sometime today. Shoot some my way about my setup or your own deadlift setup.

Hope this was at least slightly informative.

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Touched on the topic with weaponsgradegains last weekend but here’s a question:

"Do you feel there is a lack of diversity in American strength (powerlifting/strongman) sports? If so why do you think this exists?"

For example:

As a Hispanic powerlifter, I can probably count on one hand the amount of other Hispanic competitors I’ve ever seen at my competitions versus everyone else.

Off the top of my head I can easily name off many Caucasian lifters, a few African-American, even fewer Asian, and almost no Hispanic competitors. 

Interestingly enough, bodybuilding (and other main stream sports) in comparison is MUCH more diverse. So what makes strength sports different?

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Most people now wouldn’t think so but growing up I always had a short temper. Prone to verbally outlash at people and become unnecessarily physical with objects around me. This was irresponsible behavior I knew I had to change but couldn’t when I felt overwhelmed by emotion. 

Nowadays I am in control of it. While I can’t say I’m perfect, I’d honestly say that my development into the sport of powerlifting has helped a lot with learning the value of self control. Whether its being able to release my frustrations through an appropriate platform or something else, I don’t know but it has worked. I’m just more capable of fighting back against the pressure of emotion to act out and I’m thankful for that.

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Me channeling the strength of the Governator before my big pull today (that’s his iconic physique on my new shirt)!!

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30 hours of classes in property, casualty, life, and health insurance done. Interesting material. Adult world is real.

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Alex-Edward Raus from Estonia broke the all-time world record for squat without wraps in a drug-tested fed with this 727 lb squat while weighing 230.  (Interesting to see another big squatter in the IPF with a very narrow stance.)

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